Monday, October 03, 2011

Footloose (The Original)

I have a confession.  You probably won't believe me knowing that I am a child of the 80s.  I grew up on MTV.  I remember Friday Night video fights, MTV World Premier videos, back when they actually played videos.  I remember getting our first VCR, which cost like $450.  I remember bad neon sweaters, hair bands, wearing tube socks with the colored bands pulled up to my knees.  I remember a time before the Simpsons were on TV.

But I've never seen 'Footloose.'

"What?" you are asking.  "Mike, how is that possible?  Everyone saw 'Footloose.'  Everyone loved it.  Kids dancing, fighting against repressive adults, Kevin Bacon in that white t-shirt.

I've seen parts of it.  The beginning, I think, when Kevin Bacon's character leaves Chicago.  And I remember seeing John Lithgow in the movie.  And boy do I know the music.  You couldn't swing a dead cat around in 1984 without hearing that friggin; Kenny Loggins song, which, you have to admit, had some terrible lyrics.

Oowhee, Marie shake it, shake it for me
Whoa, Milo c'mon, c'mon let's go

I bring it up because I saw the trailer for the new Footloose.  In continuing Hollywood's inability to come up with something new, they decided to remake 'Footloose' for a new generation.  I'm not sure if the story changed at all or if they re-shot the original scene for scene.  How would I know.  I've never seen it.

And it's not that I never wanted to see it, but I just never did.  By the time everyone had seen it, it was too late.  I'd seen the Kenny Loggins video enough.  I figure the entire move was like that.  Footloose lived forever on cable but if it was on TV, my friends would skip past it because they had seen it so many times.  I couldn't ask them to stop and let me see it.  They thought I had by then because I never told them.

So if there is anyone else out there who hasn't seen 'Footloose' please let me know.  We can start a support group.

There is another movie I've watched a couple times but never seen the ending.  Does anyone know how 'Joe Versus the Volcano' ends?  The last scene I remember is Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were about to jump into the volcano but then our cable went out.  I think it was back in 1992.  How does it end?

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