Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things that drive me crazy when traveling

Forgive me as I bring out my inner grandpa man for this post.  Here's a list of things that drive me a little crazy while I am traveling.  Most are minor annoyances but still bug.  They seem to bug me more when I am traveling alone.

  1. People who update their facebook status with the arrival city the second they can turn their phones back on. (Full Disclosure: totally guilty, but my phone kept auto-correcting Hotlanta back to Atlanta).
  2. The weird sized pillows hotels give you.  I don’t need five cold-war era surplus Soviet square pillows.  Can I just have two regular-sized adult pillows?  Please?
  3. Regular coat hangers in the closet.  Do people really steal coat hangers from hotels?  And can I have more than three?  Please.   I promise not to stuff them in my suitcase.  (Okay, I once to a hotel room glass when we went to Springfield for our 7th grade trip, but my mom chewed me out when I got home).
  4. The business jerk in boarding group six who stands right in front of the jetway entrance while groups one through five board. 
  5. Hotel Alarm clocks.  I used to get around this with wake up calls but now that wakeup calls are pre-recorded messages, they freak me out.  I set the alarm clock convinced I am setting the alarm for PM or setting the volume too low.  I use the alarm on my phone as the backup but still can’t sleep restfully because I fear oversleeping.  Most mornings I wake up well before the alarm goes off totally not well rested.
  6. Bad restaurant advice from hotel clerks.  While I know Cheesecake Factory is pretty good, there’s got to be somewhere else for me to eat.  (Full Disclosure: I had Chick-Fil-A for dinner)
  7. The same business jerk who won’t end his phone conversation while the flight attendant is asking him to turn off his phone so we can take off.
  8. The same business jerk again who can’t figure out how to turn the speaker phone off as his phone starts reading his emails after we land.  Sadly, there was not a spam message that said, “Have a small penis?  Make it bigger!”
  9. iPads.  Do they do anything but play Angry Birds?  Fine, I’m just jealous because I want one.
  10. That jerk who is sitting next to me in coach trying to read the newspaper who keeps bumping me when flipping pages.  Oh wait, that was me.
  11. The USA Today.  Enough said.

Next post will be the list of things I like about traveling.  Thanks for reading. 

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