Friday, July 08, 2011

Two weeks ago, my wife and our two kids headed to Florida for a few days at Disneyworld with my in-laws to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary.  This was my first trip to Disneyworld since 1989 and I wasn't sure what to expect.  I had certain memories of my two previous trips there, but was not part of the planning for this trip.  I was simply along for the ride.  And while much has changed since 1989 (Hollywood Studios opened a week after my last trip), much of Disneyworld remains the same, particularly two things: waiting in line and dodging the midafternoon rain.

Our first night we waited a half-hour to ride Dumbo.  Right after that, the rains began.  We were ill prepared for the rain and bought the Disney ponchos, which must be their biggest money maker.  Standing in the gift shop crammed into close quarters with everyone else who was avoiding the rain, it all came flooding back to me.  Every day I have ever been to Disneyworld, it has rained.  Ten days spread out over twenty-eight years, during different seasons. 

The trip was a excellent, not only re-kindling old memories of being their with my mom and sister and brother, but new memories: seeing two giraffes running after a wildebeest in the Animal Kingdom's safari ride; my four year old son turning to me right as we were about to get onto Big Thunder Mountain railroad after a forty minute wait saying, "Daddy, I'm doing the potty dance. I gotta pee."; my two-year old daughter screaming that she wanted to go on the carousel, only to scream again once she was atop a horse.  The image that speaks it all is both children, exhausted, asleep in the stroller as we headed home after the light parade and fireworks.  They had their fun, and I had mine.

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