Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What did they say?

When you are a kid, you are always learning language, how to use words, what words to use when.  I stare in amazement at my kids as the struggle to find the right word. Sometimes, they come up with their own words  As a kid, I had some of my own words, including “butch car,”and "aach."

My kids are no different.  One of the most interesting aspects of being a parent is trying to figure out what they are trying to say when they come up with new words and prhases.  Some are simple.  I know when my daughter asks for bonilla, she is looking for a bowl of her favorite ice cream flavor, vanilla.  Below, I present for you words and phrases my children use, their definition and a sentence including their usage.  And, no , this is totally not a rip off of Bill Cosby’s Kids say the darndest things.  But, hey, pudding pops for everyone!

Word/Phrase: On this day
Meaning: Today.
Example:  Daddy, on this day do you have to go to work or are you staying home.

Word/Phrase: On that day
Meaning: Any day that is not today, either in the past or in the future. 
Example: Mommy, on that day, is Mimi coming to visit us?  Or Mommy, on that day, when I was a baby, we went swimming in a pool.

Word/Phrase: On the next day
Meaning: Tomorrow
Example: On the next day can we watch Yo Gabba Gabba?

Word/Phrase: Sorry
Meaning: A word used to end a disciplinary action by the person saying, regardless of whether the action is actually completed by the person giving the disciplinary action.
Example: Me (to my daughter):We do not hit people.  You wouldn’t like getting hit, would you?
My daughter (to me) Sorry, daddy.  (My daughter then runs out of the room laughing.)

Word/Phrase: Butch car
Meaning: any car of late sixties / early seventies vintage that is red and has a black convertible top, most likely to be a Pontiac GTO.
Example: Why do the Henderson’s keep their butch car in the garage under all of those boxes?

Word/Phrase: Bitamins
Meaning: These things, overwhelming in the shape of Flintstones characters, that are full of vitamins and given to children daily.
Example: My Daughter(to me): Daddy, I want my bitamin.  Me: You had it already today. My Daughter: I want another bitamin.

Word/Phrase: Batmanmobile
Meaning: Batman’s car.  Not to be confused with the batmobile, which is Bat’s car.
Example: Daddy, look a Lego batmanmobile.

Word/Phrase: Womancat
Meaning: One of Batman’s arch villains. 
Example: Womancat is often chased by the batmanmobile.

Word/Phrase: Bonzani 
Meaning: A vehicle that runs on an ice rink between periods smoothing out the ice. 
Example: Dad, I want to drive the bonzani. 

Word: Mike 
Meaning: what my daughter calls me sometimes instead of Daddy.  Jesus, not even three and she is mocking me by calling me by my first name.  At least she isn’t calling me Mikey or Michael.

There's more but I'll save those for another post.  Hopefully this will help you all understand my children if they are ever speaking to you.

Thanks for reading.

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maria said...

My 4 year old says "outher". A mix of the word "either" and of the Greek word "oute" meaning neither.

Me: I don't like bugs.
Him: Outher I.

also, another favorite of his is "chicken-beef". This refers to any meat dish.