Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Daddy Cool

So in my free time I still write, and, as you can tell by the anemic output of this very blog, things have been pretty busy.  Finally, though, there is some good news on the writing front, especially for all of you cool people out there.

I always wanted to be cool and for a few short months in Junior High I might have been cool.  But alas, since then coolness has past me by. 

Me at my coolest.

Until now.

Daddy Cool, a collection of writing by dads, writing for their children, about their children, and even with their children, was released by Artistically Decline press.  This collection, edited by the uber-talented Ben Tanzer, contains stories from writers across the country (and a few from Canada and England), including  <insert some people here>.  Oh, and somehow one my short stories “The Witch at the End of the Street” snuck into the collection here.
The Daddy Cool Cover

Tanzer, well known for his faux media empire, which includes This Blog Will Change Your Life and This Podcast Will Change Your Life, says "I see this collection as a celebration, of dads, children, story, and joy. The joy of friends, the joy of community, and the possibility that even if these things can't be available to everyone all the time, and even if we are all far apart from one another, there will always be story, and that will always be cool, daddy, and otherwise."

You can buy the book through Artistically Declined  or through Amazon. 

To top it off, for all of you in Chicago, we’ll be hosting a Daddy Cool reading on Saturday June 8th at 7pm at The Book Cellar (4736-38 North Lincoln Avenue Chicago, IL).  The night will feature Myles and Ben Tanzer, Jason Fisk, Mike Smolarek (hey, that’s me), Richard Thomas, Pete Anderson, Robert Duffer, Joseph Peterson, and Mark Brand.  Of course, since we are cool dads, you can bring the whole family.

So, give a read and I hope to see a lot of you at the Book Cellar on June 8th.


Cool?  No, Daddy cool.

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