Tuesday, May 05, 2015

NHL Stanely Cup Playoffs 2015- Second Round

Yes, this should have been posted last week, but you know, little league, t-ball, work.  Stuff got in the way. Well, that was a fun first round. How did we do?  Well, Jax and I would be leading if you added our correct guesses together (and Jax usually wins this thing). After the first round, here are the standings.


Expert                 Number Correct
Bob                     6
Jarrett                 6
Mike                   4
Jax                       3

Now on to Round Two

Eastern Conference

Capitals vs. Rangers

I don’t like either of these teams. The Rangers looked good in the first round, the Caps survived against a scrappy Islanders team (games 5 through 7 of that series were awesome).  I just don’t think the Caps have enough to get past the Rangers.  Rangers in 7.

Lightning vs. Canadians

It seems like the Red Wings blow a three games to two lead every year now.  The Lightening battled back against the Wings to win the series.  The Canadians toyed with Ottawa, letting them win a couple games after take a 3-0 lead before ending the series. The Canadians will win this one, too, in 6.

Western Conference

Flames vs. Ducks

Really?  The Flames beat Vancouver?  I guess it doesn’t matter who is in goal for Vancouver.  The Ducks destroyed the Jets, outscoring them 16-10 in their four game sweep. Look for a similar outcome in this series. Ducks in 5.  Did I mention Corey Perry is a beast?

Blackhawks vs. Wild

The Hawks were the only team all of us picked in the first round who actually won their series (Seriously, St. Louis?).  We all picked them in round two as well, although some Chicago locals are thinking the Wild are the team to beat in the West.  The Wild are better than the previous version the Hawks eliminated the last two years.  The Hawks were inconsistent in their first round series against the Predators, both giving up and scoring goals in bunches, commit dumb penalties and suffering defensive lapses.  The Wild didn’t play a close game in their first series.  Hawks in 7.

Series Mike Jax Jarrett Bob
Capitals vs Rangers Rangers in 7 Rangers in 6 Rangers in 6 Rangers in 6
Lightning vs Canadians Canadians in 6 Canadians in 6 Canadians in 7 Lightining in 7
Flames vs Ducks Ducks in 5 Ducks in 6 Ducks in 6 Ducks in 5
Wild vs Blackhawks Hawks in 7 Hawks in 6 Hawks in 7 Hawks in 5

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