Friday, August 17, 2007

When did we become so weak that we can't carry anything?

I take the train to work regularly and usually carry a couple of bags; my computer bag and another bag with my lunch and workout clothes. The first bag is a typical over the shoulder computer bag, the second is a backpack.

As I was getting off the train, the woman in front of me took her bag, set it on the ground, pulled up the extended handle and started pulled the bag on its wheels. Now, normally this wouldn't bother me at all since luggage with wheels had been around since I was young. But this wasn't a large bag loaded up for a ten day vacation. This bag was more like a small backpack, smaller than the ugly bright orange backpack I used in grade school. But I carried mine on my back, and this woman, who was alot bigger than I was when I was hefting that bag on my back, was PULLING THIS TINY BAG!

Did I miss this memo? We no longer can carry anything? When I got to work, a guy I work with also had his bag on wheels. This guy was a big guy, a tough guy, and even he was reduced to wheeling his bag.

So I headed over th Kohl's to see if this trend was real. Well, it turns out you can't even find a regular backpack anymore. Every single bag I saw had wheels.

I'm not ready to trade in my old school backpack anytime soon for a rolling model. Now I know I can never get rid of it. I hope in thrity years people aren't laughing at my bad back as they wheel their bags around me.

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